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Ceremonies Section:

Enchantment Ceremony Locations

The Enchantment Garden offers backdrops of true aesthetic success with the elegant Grand Staircase and the wonderfully natural Eastern Horizon. The Grand Staircase provides a subtle and lush garden background for a ceremony, with examples of expert craftsmanship in the bluestone of the iconic staircase and the iron work of the handrails, which were handmade locally. The Eastern Horizon is a favorite of fall couples, though the deep color of Cayuga Lake and the sprawling valley surrounding it are excellent backdrops in any season. These locations are generally exclusive to weddings being hosted in the Enchantment Garden, though they may be reserved for Victorian Inn or Jones Room weddings on a case by case basis. Up to 300 guests can be accommodated at either location for a Ceremony.

Additional Enchantment Patios

The Eagle Patio and the Fireplace Patio of the Enchantment Garden can also be reserved separately by a Victorian Inn or Jones Room wedding for ceremony or cocktail hour use on a case by case basis. For Enchantment Events these patios are already available. The Eagle Patio provides scenic water views, and the Fireplace Patio the perfect spot for rustic elegance with a fire feature background. Up to 100 guests can be accommodated at either location for a Ceremony.

Other Ceremony Locations:

Hillside Residence Pond

The Hillside Residence, the gorgeous lake house style accommodation that houses the frequently requested Le Grande Suite, is also home to the Hillside Pond. The Hillside Pond is an eye-catching and approachable location that brings a casual twist and immediate smile to any ceremony. Even with being located centrally, the brief walk, uphill, to the Hillside Pond, makes guests feel as though they are sneaking back to an intimate and private oasis. The Hillside Pond features a pergola and lighted pond fountain, and has a lake facing backdrop to the east and a forested backdrop to the west. The (5) hotel rooms in the Hillside Residence must be reserved if utilizing this ceremony space, and it is cautioned that mobility challenged guests may have difficulty in poor weather conditions. Up to 200 guests can be accommodated for a Ceremony.

The Small Falls

Dubbed "The Little Falls" by Taughannock Falls State Park, and colloquially known as "The Small Falls" by locals, this location is one of the most popular ceremony spaces that our team facilitates. The Small Falls is a stark contrast to the 215 foot waterfall that sits at the Westernmost point of the Taughannock Gorge (3/4mi), however the soothing flow and quietly bubbling nature of this location makes a strong and fairytale like experience for any guest. Our on-site Event Planning Team will assist with all needed permits, as well as set-up and breakdown, of this location. Additional requirements for this site are listed in your wedding contract. Up to 300 guests can be accommodated for a Ceremony.

The Grassy Patio

The Grassy Patio is immediately adjacent to the Victorian Inn and its deck. As one of the higher scenic overlooks on the property this space makes an appealing case for hosting intimate ceremonies. The hill creates a magnificent crest that allows a couple to never be without a lakeview backdrop. This location has timing restrictions and is shared space with the Victorian Inn Restaurant. Up to 50 guests can be accommodated for a Ceremony.

Décor for all locations is facilitated through our Event Planning Team and Chuppahs and Arbors are allowed. For ceremony back-up plans, such as in the case of poor weather, our Event Planning Team will facilitate the planning, implementation, and coordination of all plans, though please note that third party tents or additional outside support items are at the cost and discretion of the client and vendor.

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