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Our Team at Inn at Taughannock Falls Hotels in Ithaca, New York

Meet Our Expert Team

Experience exceptional service from our dedicated hotel staff in Ithaca, NY. Our friendly team is committed to ensuring your stay is unforgettable. Discover the warm hospitality at its finest.
Stephenie Monroe at Inn at Taughannock Falls Hotels in Ithaca, New York

Stephenie Monroe

Director of Sales & Events

After relocating back home to the idyllic Finger Lakes region of New York, Stephenie has found new verve in the Sales & Events Departments at the Inn at Taughannock Falls. Stephenie brings versatility to every project and ensures our guests and clients see their vision come to fruition. "I'm delighted to be working at this magical location that regularly brings the most ambitious of event desires to realization, with our clients coming from all around the globe. Working at the Inn at Taughannock Falls and helping to develop the impact of this business within the event industry will be among one of my proudest achievements."
Richard Carlton at the Inn at Taughannock Falls, Trumansburg

Richard Calton

Executive Chef

Richard Calton is joining our team as the next stage of his impressive career, formerly with David Burke, Richard is excited to be relocating to Upstate New York and starting his next adventure. More information to come! 
Michael Griffith at Inn at Taughannock Falls Hotels in Ithaca, New York

Michael Griffith

Director of Hotel Operations

Michael began his career in hospitality with Hilton Hotels, while earning his hospitality degree from the Pennsylvania Culinary Institute in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While exploring business opportunities on a trip to Nashville, TN, he was contacted by an associate and offered a position at Cornell University. Though the Finger Lakes region was previously unknown to him, two weeks later he relocated and fell in love with the surrounding area.
Tania-lynn Anderson at The Inn at Taughannock Falls, Trumansburg

Tania-lynn Anderson

Event Planner

Tania-lynn has a long-held passion for event planning, having been raised in the Finger Lakes she is eager to combine the vast amenities and activities that the area offers with the production of luxury events at the Inn at Taughannock Falls. Tania-lynn is detail oriented and excels at taking the complex layers of a client's dreams and turning them into a solid, structured reality. "I really love helping people bring their vision to life - no matter the scale of the occasion!" Outside of work you can find Tania-lynn taking care of rescue animals and coaching children on local cheer teams.
Gigi MacTaggart at Inn at Taughannock Falls Hotels in Ithaca, New York

Gigi MacTaggart

Event Planner

Gigi MacTaggart is an experienced event planner and food and beverage manager. Previously Gigi managed large-scale events in Palm Springs, at Big Horn Golf Course as well as other large volume outlets. Gigi brings passion to event planning, and in particular a desire to develop design and bring complex designscapes to fruition. Gigi, an alum of Ithaca College, relocated back to New York and previously worked with us as a Restaurant Manager. Gigi believes, "Events should be representations of the host's desires and dreams," and always errs on the side of ensuring an event's personal touch.
David Winters at Inn at Taughannock Falls Hotels in Ithaca, New York

David Winters

Dining Room Manager

David brings fundamental passion to the hospitality field. David's career in fine dining began from the ground up, securing his first position as a Server's Assistant when he was first old enough to join the workplace. Since then he has had a dynamic development, bringing charm and charisma to every position he had held since then. He delights in interacting with guests and customers, and is only too happy to go the extra mile to ensure they have the best possible experience. David looks forward to the growth and continued vitality of the restaurant and hopes to deliver a slate of new and exciting ideas to our restaurant guests and our dining community.
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