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Happenings at Inn at Taughannock Falls Hotels in Ithaca, New York

Hotel and Dining Happenings

Experience the perfect balance of relaxation and culinary delights in Ithaca, NY. Unwind with rejuvenating yoga sessions or indulge in the delectable dining scene, offering a specialty menu and nourishing experiences for mind and body.

Ithaca Yoga Session at the Inn

Indulge in a blissful yoga and wellness class with breathtaking lake views. Find serenity and elevate your well-being in the enchanting Enchantment Gardens at the Inn at Taughannock Falls.

Chef’s Club Tasting Series at Taughannock

Our Chef Club's Tasting Series returns with even more vibrant menus and decadent themes this fall. Our Sous Chefs will be stepping forward to display a custom menu each, dedicated with nuance and experience to recipes that have defined their careers and their culinary goals here at the Inn at Taughannock Falls. Our Chef's Club members will have the pleasure of making their reservations first, though the dining experiences will be open to the public and available to all.
Chef’s Club September Feature: Finger Lakes Terroir, a farm-to-table dining experience
Chef’s Club October Feature: The Wilderness Menu, game meats in a modern setting
Chef’s Club November Feature: The Vegan Menu, the secret specialty of Taughannock

Thanksgiving Dinner at Taughannock

The Inn at Taughannock Falls has a storied history of Thanksgiving Dinner service - a 76-year-long storied history with the holiday. This year, on November 23rd, the Inn will again deliver top-level Thanksgiving fare in a beautiful setting, with the same sense of comfort that comes from friendly and familiar settings. A three-course, prix-fixe menu open to the public and appropriate for family members of any age.

Tuesdays @ Taughannock

We're delighted to announce "Tuesdays @ Taughannock" started on June 6th, 2023. Join us in the Enchantment Garden to grab a burger and beer (or Finger Lakes Wine) for $20.00. Our acre garden is wired with cutting-edge lighting and sound systems and multiple outdoor fire features, making it the perfect summer hangout spot for casual dining and socializing with friends.
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