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November 04, 2021 to November 04, 2021
9:30 PM - 10:42 PM
Cornell Cinema, 104 Willard Straight Hall,, Tompkins County, New York, United States, 14853

About This Event

1972 > France/Czechoslovakia > Directed by Rene Laloux \ A weird sci-fi cartoon about an insurrection on the planet Ygam, where the draags, humongous blue humanoids with finlike ears and bulging eyes, keep oms, small humans, as pets. A curious blend of Animal Farm, Brave New World, Swift, Kafka, Dalí, and Disney. With its eerie, coolly surreal cutout animation by Roland Topor; brilliant psychedelic jazz score by Alain Goraguer; and wondrous creatures and landscapes, this Cannes-awarded 1973 counterculture classic is a perennially compelling statement against conformity and violence. In French & Czech. Subtitled. More at \ 1 hr 12 min \